About Us

Who We Are

Originated in 2011 and since 2018 known as Tactek, Tactek is an automation equipment accessories global supplier, which are focused on touch screens, protective film, membrane keyboard keypads, LCD displays, and plastic housing cases.

What We Do

We provide our clients a comprehensive one-stop shopping experience and our items have been sold in more than 110 countries. Tactek offers customers more than 50,000 HMI maintenance models from brands like Siemens, AB, B&R, Proface, Schneider, Omron, ABB, KUKA, Fanuc, and more. 90% of the product models are currently in stock. Tactek can provide a service for product customization to satisfy unique customer requirements.

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to reduce your downtime and cut maintenance costs for any type of production line. The cost of new equipment isn’t cheap, nor is upgrading obsolete technology. Ordering replacement parts from ours can help you avoid big ( costly) headaches. In ten years, We have developed into a global player in the field of HMI accessories industry. We are proud of what we have achieved together. What we do and perform together at Tactek is unique.

Inventory of 50,000 models

5-minute quotation

same-day delivery

2-3 days arrival

one-year warranty